How To Remove Scratches From Brass Surfaces

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When you constantly use the brass objects in your home (such as candlesticks that regularly come out at dinner parties or kitchenware that is used at least once a week) you may notice that, over time, it has developed a number of scratches. If you would like to repair these scratches and return your brass objects to their former glory, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: Check to see whether your brass has been coated with a lacquer; if so, the scratch may not have transferred to the metal beneath. Buff the objects thoroughly, then apply a cloth soaked with a little acetone to the mark. If it disappears you can simply reapply the lacquer.

Step 2: If the scratch has managed to affect the brass below the lacquer or the object was not lacquered at all, you should begin by polishing the lightest marks you can see with an appropriate polish.

Step 3: If the scratches are a little deeper, you will need to use abrasion to restore the brass. Begin with a gentle abrasive, like a jeweler’s rouge, and buff in a circular motion. Then move onto an emery cloth or steel wool, which you can wipe across the marks. Finish by polishing the metal.

For deeper scratches or for brass objects that you are hesitant to try cleaning up yourself, you can take them to a jeweler or metalworker to have the scratches worked out professionally. Remember to wear gloves and safety glasses when handling the chemicals used to treat brass; this will also avoid fingerprints when it comes time to polish the metal.

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