How To Melt Down Scrap Metal

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If you are an avid scrap metal collector or you have found that you have mounds of junk lying around your workshop, shed or garage, you may be wondering how to best dispose of it. One way of doing this is to melt it all down into one larger piece of metal, either to sell to a scrap dealer or to make something new out of yourself. If either of these solutions appeals to you, you can use this guide to help you properly melt the scrap down.
Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal

Step 1: Separate all of your scraps according to type. This is highly important, as different metals will melt at different temperatures and this knowledge will allow you to adjust the heat accordingly.

Step 2: Put all of the scrap metal of one type into a crucible that is large enough to fit all of the pieces in. Pour a layer of baking soda over the pieces.

Step 3: Take a butane torch and adjust the flame according to the type of metal that you are melting. Copper, brass and gold, for example, will melt between about 926 degrees Celsius and 1,100 degrees Celsius.

Step 4: Put on a pair of thick work gloves and direct the torch’s flame towards the crucible. Wait until the scrap metal has melted into a liquid form. You can speed up this process by having a second person hold a second butane torch to the crucible as well.

Step 5: Once the metal has been liquefied, you can pour it into an ingot or other type of mould in order to form whatever shape you want. To avoid burning yourself, use tongs to move and tip the crucible.

You can repeat the same procedure for each of the different scrap metals that you have in your possession. If you are taking the materials to a scrap dealer, it is recommended that you place the liquefied material into ingot forms (as this are easier to weigh and transport).

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